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These are screenshots from documentary films about the State Railways (Staats Spoorwegen), from the Netherlands Film Archives. The films dated from between 1912 and 1929. Most of the shots were taken around Batavia, the Priangan mountains and the then new Cirebon-Kroya line.

Locomotives Parade
B13 SS 74 class, later B13. 2-4-0T (1Bn2 Pt) wheel arrangement, built by Hanomag in 1886.
B50 SS 200 class, later B50. 2-4-0 (1Bn2 P) wheel arrangement, built by Sharp Stewart between 1880-1896.
C28 SS 1300 class, later C28. 4-6-4T (2C2h2 Pt) wheel arrangement, built by Henschel, Hartmann and Esslingen between 1921-1922.
C53 SS 1000 class, later C53. 4-6-2 (2C1h4v S) wheel arrangement, built by Werkspoor between 1920-1922.
D14 SS 1400 class, later D14. 2-8-2T (1D1h2 Rt) wheel arrangement, built by Hanomag and Werkspoor between 1921-1922.
D50 SS 900 class, later D50. 2-8-0 (1Dh2 G) wheel arrangement, built by Hanomag, Hartmann, SLM and Werkspoor between 1914-1921.
In the shops
B13 Another SS 74 class pulling an SS 1000 class, probably in Meester Cornelis (Jatinegara).
C27 An SS 1100 class (later C27) being lifted by a crane in Bandung works.
C53 An SS 1000 class on a turntable, probably in Meester Cornelis.
CC10 The transfer table in Bandung works, with an SS 520 class (later CC10).
DD52 An SS 1250 class (later DD52) in Bandung works.
Batavia area
C53 An SS 1000 class pulling a short passenger train northwest of Manggarai station in Batavia, 1919.
C53 Another 1000 class over the Ciliwung river bridge near Manggarai.
D50 SS 900 class 2-8-0 at Manggarai station.
D50 Another 900 class with a passenger train, also near Manggarai.
Electric locomotive An electric locomotive of the ESS waits in Tanjungpriok station, 1929.
Electric multiple units Electric multiple units were used in the Batavia area since 1924, when the electrification was commenced.
Priangan, land of the Mallets
CC10 An SS 520 class between Cicalengka and Cibatu.
DD50 A big American-built 2-8-8-0 Mallet, the 1200 class (later DD50/51), with the afternoon Weltevreden-Bandung train.
DD50 A different member of the 1200 class with a passenger train in tow, between Purwakarta and Padalarang.
DD50 Mallets of the 1200 class were used for both passenger and freight trains. Here one is pictured between Cicalengka and Cibatu.
DD50 A color still of the 1200 class heading a mixed train, just out of the Sasaksaat tunnel.
DD52 The European version of the 2-8-8-0 Mallet, the 1250 class, at the head of a passenger train.
Vlugge Vier The Vlugge Vier express in the Priangan mountains. This train is the predecessor of the Argo Gede and Parahyangan expresses today.
Vlugge Vier Another picture of the Vlugge Vier express, just leaving Bandung station.
Cirebon to Kroya
C28 and C54 Cirebon station, with SS passenger train no. 24 pulled by a 1300 class on the left and SCS passenger train no. 1 to Semarang, headed by a class 200 4-6-0 (later C54).
Semarang express A similar picture, taken earlier than the picture above.
Semarang express The SCS class 200 speeds out of Cheribon SS station.
CC50 A 1600 class 2-6-6-0 Mallet (later CC50) at Purwokerto station with a passenger train, ready to climb the 1.4% grade to Prupuk.
F10 The Batavia-Yogyakarta daytime fast train north of Purwokerto, pulled by a class 800 (later F10).
F10 Another 800 with a mixed train, quite likely at Notog station, just south of Purwokerto.
Eendaagsche A class 1000 Pacific hauling the Eendaagsche day express.

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