Photo Album - Section 2 - 1990-present

Steam locomotives

B2503 The B2503 is one of the last operating steam locomotives on the Indonesian Railroad. It is now used along its sister, the B2502, and a larger rack locomotive, the E1060, on the Ambarawa tourist line.
E1060 The E1060 in Ambarawa, a long way from its home in West Sumatra. It was taken to Ambarawa, repaired and made operable again in 1997, but it is not possible to run the locomotive on the rack line.
Diesel locomotives
C30011 C30011 in the Transportation Museum in Jakarta.
D30115 D30115, a Krupp-built switcher used for light switching and local runs from Solo to Wonogiri, photographed in the Solo Balapan depot.
BB20021 The BB200 class was introduced in 1957 for the lighter lines in the north coast of Java. It is now still used for economy class passenger, freight and mixed trains. BB20021 is photographed in the Solo Balapan depot.
BB20033 The BB20033 is pictured in 1997, doing some switching in Solo Balapan yard, before continuing to Semarang with a train of freight containers (COFCs).
BB20107 The BB20107 resting between assignments in Solo Balapan freight yard. The Purwokerto-based locomotive served in freight work on the south line between Purwokerto and Solo.
BB20326 BB20326 with a Solo-Semarang mixed train in Gundih station. The BB203s are similar to the CC201s, but they are A1A-A1As instead of Co-Cos.
BB30129 BB30129 with the Kahuripan, an economy class train from Bandung to Kediri, in Solo Balapan station.
BB30134 The BB30134 hauling a freight train loaded with fertilizer east of Solo. The locomotive has the modern style cowcatcher. Compare it to the older style on the BB30129.
BB30311 The trains from Jakarta to Rangkasbitung and Merak are usually hauled by BB303 or BB306s, like the BB30311 pictured in Jakarta Kota station. Note the anticlimber plates along the hood.
BB30608 BB30608 passed Gambir station in Jakarta with a dining car bound for Kota. Note the anticlimber plates around the hood, like those on BB30311.
CC20015 The CC200s are the first diesel locomotives in Indonesia, built by GE in 1953/4. The CC20015 was pictured after more than 40 years, in Cirebon depot, still in use for local mixed trains to Cikampek.
CC20137 CC20137, from the first batch of the CC201s, on the head of a freight train in Solo Balapan freight yard. These early CC201s have larger radiator air intakes than the later ones, and they have no multiple unit capability.
Parahyangan Express The Parahyangan express, the descendant of the Vlugge Vier, over a steel trestle in the Priangan mountains, near Sasaksaat.
CC20304 CC20304 with the Senja Utama Solo speeding near Prambanan, 25 miles (40 km) west of Solo. The train was pictured at about 08.00, though it should have arrived at Solo at 05.29! Punctuality is still a problem on the Indonesian Railroad, especially on the lesser trains.
CC20322 CC20322, pictured on the track between Solo Balapan depot and the passenger station, before coupling to the Argo Lawu coaches it will pull to Jakarta.
Electric railcars Three generations of electric railcars in Bogor station. From right to left, the 1986 batch Japanese stainless steel bodied railcars, the 1996 Dutch-designed locally built railcars, and the earlier Japanese built railcars. To the far left, almost out of sight, are the express railcars modified from the Japanese-built sets.
Measurement railcar A track geometry measuring railcar, built by Franz Theurer of Austria, in Solo Balapan station.

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