Photo Album - Section 1 - 1960-1989

Steam locomotives

B2705 B2705 with a steam special in 1984 from Solo to Gembongan on the Solo-Kartasura branch.
B5124 B5124 pictured on the rear end of a freight train in Solo, having just been overhauled in Madiun, on its way home to West Java.
C24 near Rawa Pening A C24 with a local train alongside the Rawa Pening, between Ambarawa and Tuntang.
C2506 C2506 with a roadside tram east of Probolinggo. The locomotive was once numbered D12.1 as it was once thought as a 0-8-0T!
C2703 The C2703 hauling a freight train, probably west of Solo.
C2818 The C2818, née SS 1318, was an express locomotive in earlier days. Almost fifty years after it was built, it was pictured running light between Purwosari and Solo Balapan stations, probably returning from some switching work in Purwosari.
C2845 In 1970, when it was photographed, the C2845 had been relegated to locals and switching duties in Solo Balapan (Surakarta) station.
D52093 The D52093, a 2-8-2 (1'D1'h2), with a typical local passenger train between Madiun and Yogyakarta.
D52s Two D52s doubleheaded a local train between Surakarta and Yogyakarta. It was unusual for such a train to be doubleheaded. The second locomotive was probably being sent to the works at Madiun.
D52093 D52093 again, photographed in early 1980s in Jebres station, with the Madiun-Solo mixed local.
Diesel locomotives
D30006 D30006 with the Wonogiri-Purwosari (Solo) local in 1984. Note the ancient wooden coaches.
Djaja Express The Djaja express, hauled by a BB201 diesel electric and a BB301 diesel hydraulic. The train will split in Kroya, the BB201 taking the Jakarta section and the BB301 the Bandung section.
BB30003 BB30003, a light road switcher, photographed in Purwosari (Solo) station in 1984.
Bima Express The Bima express, introduced in 1966, was an executive class-only night express. This train was usually hauled by a BB301 diesel hydraulic express locomotive until the CC201s take over.
BB30105 BB30105, photographed on the fueling track of the Solo Balapan depot.
BB30301 BB30301 photographed in Panarukan (East Java) station, the end of the branch line from Kalisat, in 1976.
BB30404 BB30404, a German built diesel-hydraulic express locomotive, photographed in Malang station.
CC20022 CC20022 pictured running light in Pajang, in the outskirts of Solo, in late 1960s.
CC20149 CC20149, in the original cream-and-green livery dating from pre-independence days, photographed in the Solo Balapan depot, in 1984.
CC20202 The most powerful locomotive in Indonesia, the CC202s are used for heavy coal haulage in South Sumatra.
Photograph by Lie Tjeng Chiao.
Electric locomotive
Electric locomotive The Werkspoor electric locomotive in Manggarai (Jakarta) works, waiting for preservation.
Photograph by Lie Tjeng Chiao.
Nakula / Kuda Putih Nakula, a train consisting of Kuda Putih railcars running between Solo and Yogyakarta in the 1960-1970s period. They were the predecessors of the present day Prambanan expresses.
Kuda Putih The Kuda Putih again, photographed in Gremet, between Solo Balapan and Purwosari. The Purwosari signal tower is visible in the background.
Kuda Putih A color photograph of the Kuda Putih, taken a few hundred metres east of the previous picture.

Section 2 - 1990-present

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